- Aleister's Immoral Remains -------------
- "Immorality I know. Immortality I cannot judge."
-                                                  T.E. Lawrence
- ------------------------------------------------
- These are the archived files containing the text files below and
- in the Workings and Class A Areas. These are the raw data files,
- and have extraneous typesetting codes, that can be converted to
- various word processors files.  If you want to work on them in this
- way at home, take these.
- ------------------------------------------------
gems_pt1.arj Gems From the Equinox [1/2]
gems_pt2.arj Gems From the Equinox [2/2]
b220.asc     Newest, cleanest, version.
iching.ar0   Crowley's I Ching, Hi-Bit Hexagrams
tuat.txt     The Book of Passing Through the Tuat
newcommt.arj New Comment to Liber Legis
thothlet.arj Letters between Crowley and Freida Harris
diaries.arj  Transcripts of various of Crowley's Diaries
poetry.arj   10-12-86 a few of my Favorite Crowley Poems
b51.ws       Atlantis. Much more than meets the eye.
teknikal.arj Small selection of technical writings
b343.arj     Amrita, The Elixir of Life (Partial)
essays.zip   Little Essays Towards Truth (XyWrite Files)
nc.arj       New Comment to the Book of the Law, cleaned.
65comnt.arj  Comment to Liber 65, arced
wrldtrgy.xy  Preface to the World's Tragedy
librae.arj   Liber Librae sub figura XXX
gillefix.exe I downloaded gilles. and edited MANY typos,
- -----------------------------------------
- All Stars, All Change, Alla da Time.
- -----------------------------------------
blox.arj     Cleaned up file, Novella by Uncle AL.
bagh.zip     The Bagh-I-Muattar in XyWrite III+
magica.txt   De Arte Magica-Liber CDXIV
cleaned.arj  Various Cleaned and Massaged Files.
b106.txt     Concerning Death
b15.txt      The Gnostic Mass
b161.txt     O.T.O. -- Concerning the Law of Thelema
b194.txt     O.T.O. -- An Intimation with Reference to the
b52.txt      The Manifesto of the OTO (dated)
b633.txt     De Thaumaturgia
b666.txt     The Beast, an autobiographical sketch
b77.txt      Liber OZ, the Rights of Man
blasphem.txt Blasphemy in General -- Eleusis in Particular
charitbl.txt Rules for Charitable Contributions
culture.txt  "Culture, not Cult" -- Hymenaeus Beta
egc-rule.txt Self-Imposed EGC Rulings
findfact.txt Findings of Fact, and Conclusions of Law --
                               Hon. Legge
freemasn.txt "What is Freemasonry?" -- Crowley (from
hartmann.txt M:.M:.M:. -- Franz Hartmann
introoto.txt Introduction to the OTO -- Wasserman
judgment.txt Judgement of Motta Case -- Hon. Legge
lucifer.txt  Hymn to Lucifer
memorand.txt O.T.O. -- Memorandum on Policy
memoriam.txt In Memoriam Hymenaeus Alpha -- Frater HaLayL
murder-x.txt The Murder on X Street - A Riddle by Aleister
oral-2.txt   Second Half of Oral History with Grady
otosystm.txt O.T.O. -- System
phbyelaw.txt Bye-Laws with Reference to Profess Houses
ramaka.txt   Prospectus for the O.T.O. (dated)
reuscnst.txt Constitution under Peregrinus (Merlin)
revritpr.txt Preface to the Revised Rituals
stcybele.txt One of the _Golden Twigs_: The Stone of Cybele
synopsis.txt Synopsis of the Degrees of the OTO
wordbaph.txt The Word of Baphomet: THELEMA
mars.sum     Grammatik III's comments on the Rite of Mars
mars         ** No Description **
mars.gbu     Rite of Mars
sol          Rite of Sol
luna         The Rite of Luna, from the Rites of Eleusis
2artemis.txt "Pan to Artemis", poetry by Crowley
rights.txt   The Fundamental Rights of Man (Liber OZ)
rhymes.txt   Aleister Crowley, nursery rhymes (Book 4)
mayangod.txt Column XXV of Liber 777: Mayan Deities
liber-al.txt The big one: THE BOOK OF THE LAW
duty.txt     "Duty", Crowley's Thelemic code of conduct
death.txt    Crowley, "Concerning Death"
crowstry.txt "Raiders of the Lost Basement" (recovery of MSS)
postcard     Postcards to Probationers
liber25      R. Stein's critical edition of the Star Ruby
b220.asc      The Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis
magicdef     Aleister Crowley's definition of Magick
gilles       de Rais -- The Banned Lecture
librae.doc   Liber Librae vel XXX
xviii.1      Liber XCIII vel Hyacinth
talisman.asc Beautiful talisman charging ritual
thothdis.asc Record of distribution of Book of Thoth
watchtwr.asc Consecrating your Watchtower Tablets
h400.asc     List of Initiation steps
suggest.txt  Archived Inquiry into Royal Art (Crowley Diary)
acension     Excerpts from Uncle Al's "Sword in Song"
set.arj      ** No Description **
space.mks    Banishing ritual of the "space marks" Thelemic delight
suggest.ive  Archived Inquiry into the Royal Art (Crlowley diary)
words        Do what thou wilt + love is the law cross translated
acpanthn.txt Ever wondered who Uncle Al's fave diety was? Well....
cadavris.txt The ritual of passing through the Tuat
crowhit.txt  Magick Without Tears Excerpts
eclectic.asc Mag WO Tears Excerpt: Syncretic Religon
book4p3.asc  Magick Theor Pract: pg 203-5 fragment
heart.asc    ** No Description **
highplil.asc Ritual Consecration High Priest(ess) of L.I.L.
invoisis.asc Invocation of Holy Spirit (Isis) used at Cefalu
mary.asc     Crowley Christian Poems (Three)
pseudons.asc Exhaustive list of Uncle Al's pseudonyms
rit671a.asc  Book 617 Liber Pyramidos (Frank Allen Version)
rit671b.asc  Book 617 continued
- Liber AL in Spanish------
b220-i-s.asc ** No Description **
b220-1-s.asc ** No Description **
b220-2-s.asc ** No Description **
b220-3-s.asc ** No Description **
b220-c-s.asc ** No Description **
- Atlantis -------------
b51-1.asc    ** No Description **
b51-2.asc    ** No Description **
b51-3.asc    ** No Description **
b51-4.asc    ** No Description **
- Diaries -------------
1898-a.asc   ** No Description **
1900-a.asc   ** No Description **
1906.asc     ** No Description **
1924.asc     ** No Description **
- ---------------------------------------------------------
- This is the text of Little Essays Towards Truth.
- Each File is one of the Chapters, the Title of which
- is in the description. An Arc file containing all of
- the chapters is below, entitled Essays.arc
- ----------------------------------------------------------
essays.bea   05-24-87 Beatitude
essays.ene   05-24-87 Energy
essays.ind   05-24-87 Indifference
essays.kno   05-24-87 Knowledge
essays.lau   05-24-87 Laughter
essays.lov   05-24-87 Love
essays.man   05-24-87 Man
essays.mas   05-24-87 Mastery
essays.mem   05-24-87 Memory
essays.sil   05-24-87 Silence
essays.sor   05-24-87 Sorrow
essays.tra   05-24-87 Tragedy
essays.tru   05-24-87 Truth
essays.und   05-24-87 Understanding
essays.won   05-24-87 Wonder
essays.cha   05-24-87 Chastity
essays.glo   Glossary to Little Essays
- ------------------------------------------------------------
- This is the New Comment to The Book of the Law, with typesetting
- codes removed by Leo Wilson. Thank you very much Leo! An arced file
- is above.
- ------------------------------------------------------------
220a1-0.asc  Comment on the First Chapter of Liber Legis
220a1-1.asc  Comment on the First Chapter of Liber Legis
220a1-2.asc  Comment on the First Chapter of Liber Legis
220a1-3.asc  Comment on the First Chapter of Liber Legis
220a1-4.asc  Comment on the First Chapter of Liber Legis
220a1-5.asc  Comment on the First Chapter of Liber Legis
220a2-1.asc  Comment on the Second Chapter of Liber Legis
220a2-2.asc  Comment on the Second Chapter of Liber Legis
220a2-3.asc  Comment on the Second Chapter of Liber Legis
220a2-4.asc  Comment on the Second Chapter of Liber Legis
220a2-5.asc  Comment on the Second Chapter of Liber Legis
220a2-6.asc  Comment on the Second Chapter of Liber Legis
220a2-7.asc  Comment on the Second Chapter of Liber Legis
220a3-1.asc  Comment on the Third Chapter of Liber Legis
220a3-2.asc  Comment on the Third Chapter of Liber Legis
220a3-3.asc  Comment on the Third Chapter of Liber Legis
220a3-4.asc  Comment on the Third Chapter of Liber Legis
220a3-5.asc  Comment on the Third Chapter of Liber Legis
- ------------------------------------------------------------
- This is the Comment to Book 65, with typesetting codes removed!
- An arced file is above. There are general interest files below.
- ------------------------------------------------------------
65-1.asc     Comment on the First Chapter of Liber LXV
65-2.asc     Comment on the Third Chapter of Liber LXV
65-3.asc     Comment on the Third Chapter of Liber LXV
65-4a.asc    Comment on the Fourth Chapter of Liber LXV
65-4b.asc    Comment on the Fourth Chapter of Liber LXV+
65-5.asc     Comment on the Fifth Chapter of Liber LXV
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
-  These next files are an unpublished novelisima of Aleister Crowley's
-  entitled "Not the Life and Adventures of Sir Roger Bloxam". Again we are
-  indebted to Mr. Leo Wilson for his time in cleaning it of typesetting codes
-  Thank you Leo! See _supra_ for the arced file containing all chapters.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
blox-tc.asc  Table of Contents for "Sir Roger Bloxam"
blox-1.asc   BLOX-1.ASC to BLOX-53.ASC are here to read.
blox-53.asc  Chapter 53, "N.t.L.a.A. of Sir Roger Bloxam."
- Letters between Crowley & Frieda Harris ------
ac-fh-39.asc Letters from Crowley to Frieda Harris, 1939
ac-fh-40.asc Letters from Crowley to Frieda Harris, 1940
ac-fh-41.asc Letters from Crowley to Frieda Harris, 1941
ac-fh-42.asc Letters from Crowley to Frieda Harris, 1942
ac-fhnd1.asc Letters from Crowley to Frieda Harris, no date
ac-fhnd2.asc Letters from Crowley to Frieda Harris, no date
blox-10.asc  ** No Description **
blox-11.asc  ** No Description **
blox-12.asc  ** No Description **
blox-13.asc  ** No Description **
blox-14.asc  ** No Description **
blox-15.asc  ** No Description **
blox-16.asc  ** No Description **
blox-17.asc  ** No Description **
blox-18.asc  ** No Description **
blox-19.asc  ** No Description **
blox-2.asc   ** No Description **
blox-20.asc  ** No Description **
blox-21.asc  ** No Description **
blox-22.asc  ** No Description **
blox-23.asc  ** No Description **
blox-24.asc  ** No Description **
blox-25.asc  ** No Description **
blox-26.asc  ** No Description **
blox-27.asc  ** No Description **
blox-28.asc  ** No Description **
blox-29.asc  ** No Description **
blox-3.asc   ** No Description **
blox-30.asc  ** No Description **
blox-31.asc  ** No Description **
blox-32.asc  ** No Description **
blox-33.asc  ** No Description **
blox-34.asc  ** No Description **
blox-35.asc  ** No Description **
blox-36.asc  ** No Description **
blox-37.asc  ** No Description **
blox-38.asc  ** No Description **
blox-39.asc  ** No Description **
blox-4.asc   ** No Description **
blox-40.asc  ** No Description **
blox-41.asc  ** No Description **
blox-42.asc  ** No Description **
blox-43.asc  ** No Description **
blox-44.asc  ** No Description **
blox-45.asc  ** No Description **
blox-46.asc  ** No Description **
blox-47.asc  ** No Description **
blox-48.asc  ** No Description **
blox-49.asc  ** No Description **
blox-5.asc   ** No Description **
blox-50.asc  ** No Description **
blox-51.asc  ** No Description **
blox-52.asc  ** No Description **
blox-6.asc   ** No Description **
blox-7.asc   ** No Description **
blox-8.asc   ** No Description **
blox-9.asc   ** No Description **
ac.spl       ** No Description **
ching        ** No Description **
pyramid.arj  ** No Description **
report.mu    ** No Description **
symbols.dmo  ** No Description **
babalon.txt  ** No Description **
crowley.mac  ** No Description **
degree       ** No Description **
iching.arc   ** No Description **
liberty.txt  ** No Description **
nu-txt0      ** No Description **
stjohn1      ** No Description **
stjohn10     ** No Description **
stjohn11     ** No Description **
stjohn12     ** No Description **
stjohn13     ** No Description **
stjohn2      ** No Description **
stjohn3      ** No Description **
stjohn4      ** No Description **
stjohn5      ** No Description **
stjohn6      ** No Description **
stjohn7      ** No Description **
stjohn8      ** No Description **
stjohn9      ** No Description **
test         ** No Description **
truth.arj    ** No Description **
snowdrop.asc ** No Description **
lib_mcli.txt ** No Description **
isis.txt     ** No Description **
stele.txt    ** No Description **
777.dbf      ** No Description **
i-ching.exe  A self extracting file of Crowley's I Ching (Hi-Bit Hexagrams)
ichingxy.exe SFX file of Crowley's I-Ching (Not Hi-bit) for Xywrite & other W.P.'s
rites.arj    Adopted by Condescending Angel, possibly ARJ of ZIP
tony.arj     Adopted by Condescending Angel, possibly ARJ of ZIP
files.dat    Adopted by Condescending Angel, possibly ARJ of ZIP
files.dmp    Adopted by Condescending Angel, possibly ARJ of ZIP
files.idx    Adopted by Condescending Angel, possibly ARJ of ZIP