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persec.txt   2nd hand account of Berkely PD raid
earthrel.txt Paganism vs. anti-Earth religion
evoe.txt     Song: "I Adore Thee Evoe, I Adore Thee IAO"
serial       Serial Murders & the Satnic/R
peyote.txt   Supreme Court vs. Peyote in Religion
peyotlaw.arc Supreme Court allows outlawing of sacramental
fnet.arj     Messages capture from Religious Freedom Project
intro.om3    Introduction to the Michaeline Order
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- General Interest Text Files;
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 Wiccan/Neopagan ritual texts/scripts:
samhain.txt   Small group Samhain ritual, L.A. Hussey (Welsh?)
 Articles from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal,
 P.O. Box 620604, Littleton,
 Colorado 80123, sent from Fido 104/610:
symbols.txt  Essay About Symbols
looks.txt    Thoughts On Offerings To The God/esses
ne.txt       A legend about the Nile
spinster.aug Finding A Wiccan Teacher/Mentor
dianica.txt  Essay on Violence. Good Writing Here.
oracle.aug   Advice from the Oracle For The Spellorn
looks.aug    ** No Description **
oracle.asc   Advice Column by the Oracle
ninewrld.asc New Book Service (in '86 that is!)
spinster.txt Divinatin at Grama's Lap.
rmpj.arc     Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal Archived
rmpj2.arc    "      "       "      "       "
rmpj3.arc    "      "       "      "       "
rmpj4.arc    "      "       "      "       "
paghist.txt  Fido 161/93 Pagan History Lection
paghist.arc  Archived form of above.
newage35.doc Transcript of messages from NewAge Forum
discord.doc  Transcript of message on Discordian Thought
samhain.doc  Ceremonial Samhain Group Ritual
let          pagans coming out of the broom closet
liber19.arc  ** No Description **
aidscaps     Aids Text for Moon Web, capitals instead of C64
aidsmagi     AIDS Magickal working for 1/31/88
fundbook.txt Fundie Books - Rowan M.
fundlist.txt Rowan's list of Fundie organizations
lanning.txt  Ken Lanning's paper on Satanism (I think)
rowanlst.txt Rowan's List of Hostile Fundie Organizations
videolst.txt Rowan's Videotapes
audio.txt    Rowan's audio tape list
cliplist.txt (description missing) Adopted By X-List
student.txt  a Pagan academics network (proposed)
pic2         Second Chapter of the Picatrix
talmud.txt   Sex & Violence in the Babylonian Talmud
stele.tif    The Stele of Revealing
mande.txt    Essay: Magick Definition, Schools etc.
liber19.txt  Inspired writing from ROTC
800club.txt  How to get the Fundies. Not nice, but effective.
bomber.txt   Article About Attempted Bombing of Church
celtics.txt  Archaeologists find Celtic Temple. Brief.
esoter5.txt  06/30/88 Esotericon Report
federal.txt  Fed Laws: Religious Discrimination
greenpin.txt Pagan Political Action
fair.txt     Wicca, Prisoners, and Long Hair.
l-cabot.txt  Article on Massachussets' "Official Witch"
mag-pol.txt  FidoNet Rules and Etiquett
magick1.txt  Lesson 1 on Magick
magick2.txt  Lesson 2 on Magick
magick3.txt  Lesson 3 on Magick
magick4.txt  Lesson 4 On Magick
magick5.txt  Lesson 5 On Magick
magick6.txt  Lesson 6 On Magick
magick7.txt  Lesson 7 On Magick
magick8.txt  Lesson 8 On Magick
magick9.txt  Lesson 9 On Magick
kedit001.txt Part I, Basic Meditation
resource.txt Lots of Wiccan and Pagan Groups
remake.txt   Satire of Star Trek: Next Generation Remakes
beeftest.txt Comments on Drug use vs. abuse
resume.txt   God's Resumee, Salary Requirements, etc.
realwrld.txt Warnings about a Scientology Company, and etc.
ramadram.txt New Age Journal Reprint: Zen Master Rama
rockmus.txt  Fundie Article on EVIL Rock Muic. Funny.
awr-astr.txt Article about Reagan (R&N) use of Astrology.
new-law.txt  Gentle and practical Laws for Wiccan/NeoPagans
newpaths.txt Descriptions of the Paths of the Tree of Life
no-king.txt  Article on Choice of no Witch King
nol-chal.txt Libertarian Presidential Candidates Tell All!
nolan-q.txt  Fascinating questionnarie: Find Your Political
patstan.txt  In defense of SEX. (No kidding!)
neander.txt  Test: Your Neanderthal Quotient
nitehack.txt SHOCKING exposee of Hackers in USA!
need2kno.txt All you ever needed to know, you learned in
needles.txt  Article: British View on NYC Clean Needles
neotech1.txt A system for gaining money, sex, power
neotech2.txt Further tips on gaining money, sex, power
newman.txt   Newman's Energy Machine and battle for patent.
newsysop.txt History and Etiquitte of FidoNet
dedicate     Wiccan Dedication Ritual
rede         Exigesis on th Wiccan Rede
blackmag     That Old Black Magick -- WordStar
lucifer.arc  ``Satanist'' ranting at sysop David Rice
pic1         Moslem Essay On Philosophy
hunger14.txt Passable Monohet Porn
hunger5.txt  More servicable Monohet Porn
hunger6.txt  Still More Servicable Monohet Porn
universe.txt Stunning Essay Synthesizing Science And Religion
ma-marry.txt Article on Margo Adler's Marriage
disclaim.txt The Omnidefinitive Disclaimer!!!
inlaws.txt   Book Of The Inlaws. Burn After Reading
kali-uni.txt Astrophysics and Kali happy together
kaosorde.txt Gripping Description of KAOS
larson.arj   (description??) Adopted By X-List
librae.doc   (description??) Adopted By X-List
magick.int   Crowley's Introduction to Magick
samhain.txt  Essay explaining the origins of Halloween
foucpend.rev A Aeview of Focault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco
satan.ali    (description??) Adopted By X-List
kelly.asc    A second try at Frew's review of Kelly
whunt1.txt   Part 1 of an Oregon witch hunt.
whunt2.txt   Part 2 of an Oregon witch hunt.
green.txt    Environmentally sound living for pagans
vendyl.txt   Story of Vendyl Jones's Adventures
craft        Media Alert concering new ABC TV pilot on
can-expo.txt Activities of "Cult Awareness Network"
nurember.txt ecological essay
kelly.rev    A review of Aidan Kellys new Book by Don Frew
lronscam.arj More Information on "Church" of Scientology
burndaga     the cops abuse witches, again
zen.arj      Notes on Zen.
wicca018.txt a QBL quick reference chart
pagan003.txt wiccan filk songs
pagam        Pagan America
mgkmusck     "Magickal Musick" A compilation
ufocnsp      Ufo Conspiracy (Milton William Cooper) [vg!]
warrant      WE THE PEOPLE - A citizen's arrest
twmagic.arj  Treatise on White Magic-Bailey Chap 1
deathaab.zip Esoteric aspects of 'death'-Alice Bailey
esopsych.zip Esoteric Psychology/7 Rays/Bailey
esoastro.arj Esoteric astrology-the classic! Bailey
esoheal.arj  Esoteric Healing, Chptr 1 Bailey-Exclnt!
jung.txt     Short Excerpt from C.G. Jung's untranslated work/s.
luther.arj   Martin Luther on Jews
fortune.txt  The Fortune, by Richard Myers
intro.dot    Introductory Letter for The D.C. Metro area Based Neuronauts - a consciousness study group.  Looking for experienced & novices!
occult29.lst June 1992 Nat'l occult BBS list
scmagick.arj Phil Hansford's "Short Course in Magick"
ref.arj      Pagan reference files:  contacts, bibliographies, BBS list...
playnice.doc open letter to all witches
grimsanc.eng Crowley's "Great Rite" in english.