Questions answered (What is...?)

2police.txt  What the Police should now about Wicca
alchemy.txt  What is Alchemy?
atheism.txt  What is Atheism?
blackmag.txt What is "Black Magic"?
dianism.txt  What is Dianism?
discordi.zen What is Discordian Zen?
explnshm.txt What is Shamanism?
felix.txt    Why I believe in Reincarnation
gnostic.txt  What is Gnostism?
humanst1.doc The Humanist Manifesto I
humanst2.doc The Humanist Manifesto II
odinism.txt  What is Odinism
pagan.doc    Beliefs of a Pagan Polytheist
pagan.q&a    What Christians don't understand about Neopagans
paghist.txt  Intro to Paganism
principl.txt Basic Principles of the Craft
ritual.txt   What is Ritual?
sant1.txt    Information On Santeria (1 of 3)
sant2.txt    Information On Santeria (2 of 3)
sant3.txt    Information On Santeria (3 of 3)
smudging.txt What is Smudging?
thelema.q&a  What is Thelema?
weik.txt     Where did the word 'witch' come from?
whatis.txt   What is a priest/ess?  An Isian replies....
wicca.msg    What is Wicca? (real short version)
wicca.txt    What is Wicca?
witch-or.txt What the Christians believe about Wiccans

            Information on the Denver Area Wiccan Network

intro.dwn    What is the Denver Area Wiccan Network (DAWN)?
bylaws.dwn   Bylaws of the Denver Area Wiccan Network (D.A.W.N)
const.dwn    D.A.W.N. Constitution

              General Neopagan Files

13ques.roy   One persons answers
7rays.txt    The 7 rays (Theosophy)
8sabbats.txt Overview of the 8 Sabbats
aadl.txt     The Aquarian Manifesto
alert86.upd  Circle Sanctuary wins zoning battle
allies.txt   Earth Power: My Experience With Animal Allies
allover.txt  Meditation Game
altered.txt  How the Chistian Gospels came about
ancntart.txt The Ancient Art, Another what is Witchcraft article
answer.txt   How to find your correct path
auras.txt    Information on aural magick
auras.arj    All about auras
aware.txt    Awareness Techniques
awarenes.txt Awareness Techniques
baddintr.txt Info on B.A.D.D.
balance.msg  Discussion Of Gender Balance In Circle
beltan.txt   The Beltane Conspiracy
biblio.txt   Bibliography of Craft Articles
bibsf.txt    Magick in Science fiction
bigtime.txt  A slam to the commercialization of the craft
bincense.txt Rowan Fairgrove On Botanical Incenses
book.lst     Neopagan book list
books.pgn    Talespinners booklist
books.txt    Pagan book list
brnstorm.txt Brainstorming Game
camelot.txt  Camelot: A Dimension of Power
candlema.txt Candlemas essay by Mike Nickols
catmagic.kam Wiccan review of "Cat Magick"
chakra.rit   How to develope you chakras
chakras.txt  The seven chakras and associated aspects
channel.txt  information on channeling
channels.thr Message string on channeling
channels.txt info on channeling
ciabwash.txt CIA Documents (de-classified) on brainwashing
circle2.txt  CIRCLE2.TXT
clip-88.lst  Index of newspaper witchcraft articles by Rowan Moonstone f
clip-89.lst  Index of newspaper witchcraft articles by Rowan Moonstone f
clipping.lst pre 88 news clipping list of articles concerning the craft
code.txt     Internation order of Metaphysicians code of ethics
commgame.txt Communications Game
compare.asc  Rowan MoonStone's Comparisons of Wicca and Christianity
compu.psi    The Use of Computers in Psychic research
contact.txt  "Guidelines For Making Contact"
conv.txt     "Astrology Of The Harmonic Convergence"
coven.txt    Reality check for setting up a new coven
crywork.txt  Energy and Crystal Workshop
cybwicca.txt "The Cyber-Wicca Manifesto"
death.txt    A near Death experience
defense.msg  Dealing with Psychic attack
diction.txt  Glossary of terms used in witchcraft
divina.bib   A bibliography of divination books
divinati.doc Open discussion on tarot divination
dreams.txt   Design Your Own Dreams
ecstasy.txt  The posture of ecstasy  Info on the New Wiccan Church of California
elements.asc RMPJ Elements invocation
elemnt.txt   132 column printout of elemental properties
empower.txt  Article on empowerment
ethics.luv   The ethics involved in a love spell
ezprot.txt   Article on psychic protection
festival.asc Brief summary of the 8 sabbats
footstep.txt Footsteps on the path
force.txt    Essay about "The Force"
fyi.txt      Exorcism
gaiagape.txt Contacting the Earth Monther
geraldo.txt  Transcript of 10/29/87 show on Witches and Witchcraft
goodwife.txt The Wise Goodwife
grant.txt    Information On "Federal Grants For Catholic Schools"
handbo       Handbook for the spiritually mature
highplil.asc High Priest of LIL
holyfol1.txt The Holy Fool 1
holyfol2.txt The Holy Fool 2
holyfol3.txt The Holy Fool 3
holyfol4.txt The Holy Fool 4
holysite.txt Make your part of the earth 'Holy'
idiot.txt    Are Witches Tax-exempt?
indian1      Past life as an Indian
innereye.txt Exercising the power of your mind's eye
ishtar.asc   Information on Ishtar
journey.txt  The Crystalline Journey
kabcode.txt  Hidden Codes in The Torah
kissfive.asc The fivefold kiss
lam90.txt    UWC Lammas 1990 in the Sequoias.
lear.txt     Debate on Paranormal Issues by John Lear
leary004.txt The eight circuits of consciousness
list.chk     Checklist for a well working group
lizard.txt   Pagan AIDS group formed
mag-pol2.txt New MAGICKNET policey after May 1, 1990
magic.bib    Bibliography of magick in science fiction   Old map of who gets Magicknet...not nearly up to date  the laws of magick 1 of 3  the laws of magick 2 of 3  the laws of magick 3 of 3
magus2.txt  Information on Channeling
mayan.txt    Information On The Harmonic Convergence
mayday.txt   Essay on Mayday
media.lst    Dealing With The Media
medix.txt    When magick doesn't work
megatrnd.txt High Tech meets the Ancient Wisdom
mforce.txt   What Makes magick work?
mormon.txt   "Is Mormonism Paganism" by Thomas S. Rue  A Mother's Day Message
mph.txt      An essay on the nature of mankind
mtnjrny.txt  Journey to enlightenment (visualization)
necro1.txt   Article on Necromancy #1 of 2
necro2.txt   Article on Necromancy #2 of 2
negents.txt  The reality of negative energy/entities
negents2.txt Part 2
negents3.txt part 3
newage$$.txt Westword article on New Age comercialization in Denver
new_aeon.txt Out of the old Aeon and into the new
nostra.txt   Some of Nostradamus' predictions
numtarot.txt Intro to numerology and the tarot
occbooks.txt Out of Print Occult Books (Excellent Source)
occult.txt   Vatican approves ghost seekers seance
occult14.lst National Occult BBS list, November 90 update
occ_dir.txt  Occult Directory
office.txt   Definitions of coven offices
ogoddess.txt Goddess spirituality in NY area
oprah.txt    Transcript of 6/24/87 show on witches
overview.asc Paganism:  An overview for the uninformed
pagan.bbs    Another occult BBS list    Some pagan Journals and publications
pagan2.bbs   Yet another
paganpub.lst Pagan publications list
pantacle.txt "The Pantacle - A Teaching Story" by Gary Dumbauld
paradir.txt  ParaNet BBS Directory
polsrv.txt   Positive wicca police information
prophecy.txt A hard look at prophesies concerning Jesus
prophet.txt  Indian Lore:  The curse of the Prophet
psd1.txt     Psychic Self Defense
psychic2.txt An experiment in telepathy
publicat.asc Pagan Publication list
pyramid.rev  Review of the Book 'Pyramid Power'
pyramid1.txt Information on Pyramid Power
qanda.txt    "What Christians don't understand about Witches" B. Hicks
quantum.txt  Magick desribed in Quantum Physics
readlist.caw The Church of All Worlds reading list
reincar.msg  Reincarnation and the Christian Church in History
relax1.txt   Relaxation techniquest prior to OOBE
relax2.txt   #2
relax3.txt   #3
resource.txt Pagan/Wiccan resourse list
risks.txt    "Risk Assessment..." by Weyland Smith
rules.txt    Rules for being human
samhain.txt  The Origins of Halloween by Rowan Moonstone
scraft.txt   Interplanetary Pagan Ideals by Hurn
seasons.txt  Mike Nichols, "The 8 Sabbots of Witchcraft"
seattle.txt  Chief Seattle's letter to US over the 'sale' of indian land
setbr1.txt   Info on The Coven of the Black Rose
shaman.txt   Summary of Dr. Michael Harner's Shamanic Basic Workshop
shamnmkh.txt Commentary on modern Shamanism
sidereal.ans Commentary to SIDEREAL.TXT
sidereal.txt Information on Sidereal versus Tropical Astrology
spell.txt    How to build spells
spirit.ef    Spirituality
stairs.txt   The Stairway Dream
stargaze.txt Astology in America
starseed.txt Starseeds
suspects.cir Occult organizations list
suwen3.txt   Energy & The Cosmos
symbols.txt  discourse on symbolism
t12.txt      Roster of Fairies and nature spirits
teacher      Finding a Teacher in the Craft
teacresp     Responsiblities of the Teacher
toehn.txt    The official Erisian Heresy Newsletter volumn 1
toolist.asc  Wiccan Master tool list
tools.msg    Discussion On Tools Of The Craft
triangle.txt Triangles - The Power Of Thought
truth-hs.doc AMER:  The truth about Human Sacrifice
truth-ra.doc AMER:  The Truth about Ritual Abuse
truth.txt    How to seek the truth in any situation
unicorn.txt  Article On Unicorns
valid.txt    Is Astrology Valid?
vampire.txt  The Magicians Disertation On Vampires
visions.txt  A Look At Reality
w-towers.txt "Re-Thinking The Watch Towers" by Mike Nichols
warnke.ltr   A letter from Christian Minister Mike Warnke
wash.mss     How fundies convert people....very informative
wicca.asc    A comparison of Christian and Wiccan Beliefs
witches2.txt "A Modern Craft Fairy-Tale" by Mike Nichols
wizvis.txt   Journey of a wizard / visualization
yulesbt.txt  Yule Essay by Mike Nichols

            New and old myths:

ja&jil.asc   Jack & Jill Moon Myth
creation.txt Faery Trad: Creation
wheel-yr.txt Faery Trad: Wheel of the Year
1stwrite.txt The Birth of Writing, Kihe Blackeagle
1stmusic.txt The Origin of Music, Magenta Griffith
hermyth.txt  Hermes Myth
inanna.txt   Innanna Myth (from Necronomicon)
flute.txt    Origin of the Flute Myth
necrotex.asc Necronomicon historic fable
nile.txt     Legend of the Nile
advts-uk.arj collection of ads for uk occult mags.
grimm197.txt Grimm's Fairy Tale - The Crystal Ball