Pagan Songs and such

aridu         Hymm Aridu
ballad.asc    The Witch's Ballad
beltane       The Beltane chase song
burntime.txt  "Burning Times", song by L.A. Hussey
casey         The balled of Casey Diess
chants01.amu  Popular chants (ASCII music format)
childish.txt  The childish Edda, Bela of Eastmarch
equinox.sng   "Spring Strathspy" (song)
halantow      Hal An Tow Traditional song
harplute.txt  My Harp and Lute, W.J. Bethancourt III
hollyshe      The Holly she bears a berry - song
iwalkthe      I walk the unfrequented road - Folk Song
jonbarly      John Barleycorn - folk song
lammas.txt    Lammas night...Song by Elexa
lod3.txt      Lord of the Dance - Folk song
lodance.lyr   Another Lord of the dance
lordance.txt  The Lord of the Dance (traditional)
manofdou      A man of double deed - folk song
morning       Morning has broken - song
music.lst     A short list of New Age Music
nroogd20.amu  NROOGD's 20th Anniv. chant, ASCII music format   Pagan Hymns
otr125.txt    Old Time Religion - now to 125 verses
paceegg       A pace egging song - traditional
ribald.txt    L.A. Hussey, "Ribald Ram Rondeau"
scarfair      Scarbourgh Fair - Folk Song
titlepg.txt   SCA songs index
songs-x.txt   Rowdy Filk Songs
songs-x2.txt  More Rowdy filk songs
songs-x3.txt  #3
songs-x4.txt  #4
songs-x5.txt  #5
craftsng.txt  Songs for Neo-Pagans
songs1.txt    General SCA and Pagan songs and parodies #1
songs2.txt    General SCA and Pagan songs and parodies #2
songs3.txt    General SCA and Pagan songs and parodies #3
songs4.txt    General SCA and Pagan songs and parodies #4
staine's      Staine's Morris - Traditional song
the-tree.txt  Round type song, The Tree
the-wren      The Wren - Traditional song
thorthng.sng  "The Thong of Thor" (irreverent song)
w-rune        Witch's Rune - traditional
wegetsup      We' Get's up to the moon - Traditional song
will-you.txt  "Will you be of Wicca, tonight?"

            Pagan Poetry  

3sonnets.txt  J. A. Boreaux', "3 sonnets"
aloha.vrs     A full moon blessing
awaken.vrs    Poetry:  "A Pagan Awakening"
change.vrs    Poem by Hugh Read
chant1.asc    Misc. Chant
dragreb.vrs   Poetry:  "To The Dragons Reborn"
eureka.asc    It's a good thing I'm not in charge here - poem
greengro.amu  Green Grow the Rushes go! by L.A. Hussley
hornsong.vrs  Hornsong by Hugh Read
huntwarn.txt  J. A. Bordeaux' "Hunter's Warning"
lilith.txt    "lilith" by Leigh Ann Hussey
magicii.txt   "Magickal Reveries", by Hugh Read
maychant.asc  May day chants
moon1.vrs     Poetry: "The Moon Pool" (part 1)
moon2.vrs     Poetry:  "The Moon Pool" (part 2)
oak&ash.txt   Poetry by Rudyard Kipling "The Tree Song"
oldtime.txt   Give Me That Oldtime Religion Maney versas.
otr1.txt      More verses to Old Time Religion
otr2.txt      #2
otr3.txt      #3
otr4.txt      #4
otr5.txt      #5
otr6.txt      #6
otr7.txt      #7
oneslip.asc   Oneslip - peom
panbride.asc  The Bride of Pan
pentapm.txt   The Pentagram - poem
poem.txt      "God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot" by Leonard Cohen
ppoem.asc     Pagan poetry
prayer.vrs    A computer blessing
rpoetry.asc   Ritual Poetry
runednc.asc   The Witches Rune
samchant.asc  Samhain Chant
samhain.vrs   Samhain Chant
snow.vrs      Poetry:  "Snow"
thewiz.asc    The Wizard - poem
toolwise.txt  'The Tools of the Wise", by D. Ashcroft-Nowicki
victim.vrs    A Victim of Ideology
workings.asc  poem on working sites

             Humorous files, parodies, and 'amusing' articles

cobc.txt      Humerous article on the Church of Beaver Cleaver
cuteness.txt  The cuteness tarot
erishymn.flk  Discordian folk songs  Constance Cumby 'cleansed' in Harmonic convergence
hasidunx.txt  Introduction to UNIX as a religion
inlaws1.txt   The Book of Inlaws 1
inlaws2.txt   The Book of Inlaws 2
jhvhwit.txt   Dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses
law.txt       A wonderful parody that may cut too close to home...
ma-bell.txt   The charge of the phone Goddess
norton.txt    Discordian Bio of Emporer Norton
otis.txt      Brief Intro on Otisians
primetim.txt  Give me that 'Prime Time' Religion
princip.doc   Excerpts from the Principa Discordia
quiz.txt      Humorous test for enlightenment
spam.doc      Hymm to lunchmeat    Application to the Church of the Subgenius
tao.txt       The Tao of Programming
tolkien.txt   Short Story from The Tolkien Ring Network    Parody: "Wombat Wiccca Laws" (The spelling is correct)
zen.txt       Excerpt from "Zen without Zen Masters"