Excerpts from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal
animals.aug  Animal Invocations
bibledef.687 Christianity and Witchcraft
crowley.687  Article on Crowley
heretic.687  #2
heretic.asc  The Heretic's Corner #1
heretic.aug  #4
heretic.txt  #3
mens.asc     The Men's Circle #1
mens.txt     #2
mncircle.aug #3
poems.aug    More poetry from RMPJ
poetry.txt   Poetry from RMPJ
readrmpj.asc Intro to the RMPJ #1
snipe.asc    Snipe Sorcery #1
snipe.txt    #2
spinster.687 In grandmother's lap #2
spinster.asc In grandmother's lap #1
starston.txt #2
stones.asc   Starstones #1
trickstr.asc Thunderspud, 'The Riddle of the Trickster'

              Articles from the Druid's Progress #1, by P.E.I.

drdclerg.txt Thoughts on the training of Neopagan Clergy
drdideas.txt What Neopagan Druids believe
drdintro.txt A new tradition of NeoPagan Druidism
drdpaleo.txt Indo-European Paleopaganism and it's Clergy
drdpoli.txt  Political implications of Druidism

            Cassandra News Magazine

cnew0989.arj Cassandra News Magazine - September 89
cnew1089.arj Cassandra News Magazine - October 89
cnew1189.arj Cassandra News Magazine - November 89
cnew0290.arj Cassandra News February 1990

            Cult Watch Response Magazine

cwr1.txt     Cult Watch Response magazine Vol 1 issue 1
cwr2.txt     Cult Watch Response magazine Vol 1 issue 2
cwr3.txt     Cult Watch Response magazine Vol 1 issue 3
cwr4.txt     Cult Watch Response magazine Vol 1 issue 4
cwr5.txt     Cult Watch Response magazine Vol 1 issue 5
cwr6.txt     Cult Watch Response magazine Vol 1 issue 6
cwr2-1.txt   Cult Watch Response magazine Vol 2 issue 1
cwr2-2.asc   Cult Watch Response Vol 2 issue 2
cwr2-3.txt   Cult Watch Response Vol 2 issue 3

             New Age Digest

newage1.txt  The New Age Digest #1
newage2.txt  The New Age Digest #2
newage3.txt  The New Age Digest #3
newage4.txt  The New Age Digest #4
newage5.txt  The New Age Digest #5
newage36.txt The New Age Digest #36
newage37.txt The New Age Digest #37
newage38.txt The New Age Digest #38

           Kerry Wendall Thornley (aka Ho Chi Zen, co-founder of the
           Discordian Society, charter member of the Church of the
           Subgenius, and founder of the Revolutionary Anarcho*Surrealist 
           Party) is alive and well -- and writing a series of articles on 
           anarchist politics and conspiracy theory, entitled "KULTCHA,"
           for the Illumi-Net BBS (404-377-1141). 

bullet01.kwt Culture and revolutionary politics
bullet02.kwt Confucius, Andre Breton, and political Art
bullet03.kwt Radical bourg. vs proletarian sex mores
bullet04.kwt Terrorism as a symptom of Imperialism
bullet05.kwt Divide & Conquer: No religion OR pleasure
bullet06.kwt Twisting scriptures, philosophy, acid
bullet07.kwt Mangling Mao to defend sexual repression
bullet08.kwt Remember the REAL reason for JFK's death
bullet09.kwt Anarcho/libertarian arguments: Conspiracy?
bullet10.kwt Who IS this Brother-In-Law, anyway?
bullet11.kwt Victorianism = Prussianism = Marxism?
bullet12.kwt Capitalism AND Communism = Nazism
bullet13.kwt Adventures of an Anarcho*Surreal Vandal
bullet14.kwt Nazis took over BOTH the CIA and the KGB
bullet15.kwt To Isolate a War Crimes Conspiracy Witness
bullet16.kwt When the heads of the CIA and the SS met
bullet17.kwt Vice: Anarchism vs. State Socialism
bullet18.kwt Capitalism's plundering of all of Africa
bullet19.kwt Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism, Part 1
bullet20.kwt Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism, Part 2
bullet21.kwt Become a Card-Carrying member of R.S.V.P.
bullet22.kwt Fascist Nightmare Comix
bullet23.kwt Fascist Nightmare Comix (continued)
bullet24.kwt SNAFU principle and scape-goating of gays
bullet25.kwt Amy Ray & The Indigo Girls
bullet26.kwt History of Chinese fascist feudalism
bullet27.kwt Obituary for "The Bird" underground paper
bullet28.kwt "Why we Fascists killed Kennedy"
bullet29.kwt ANARCHO-SURREALISM defined
bullet30.kwt Nazi and CIA antigravity flying saucers

     From PANEGYRIA and was downloaded from Earthrite BBS (415-651-9496).

bludsacr.pan "Blood Sacrifice" by Althea Whitebirch
crone.pan    "Calling All Crones" by Grey Cat
diy.pan      "Helpful Household Hints From Habondia"
ethics&e.pan "Ethics Or Etiquette" by Ellen
moe.pan      "Mistress Of Etiquette"
nlp1.pan     "Applied Magic" by Brandy Williams (part 1)
nlp2.pan     "Applied Magic" by Brandy Williams (part 2)
opencirc.pan "Open Circle Ethics" by Brandy Williams
parents.pan  NW Pagan Parents Oraganize
porno.pan    "Pagan Porno?" by Pagan X
satanism.pan Satanism and Beltaine
sexdrugs.pan "Sex? Drugs? And Rock-n-Roll?" by Puritan X
tarot.pan    "Tarot Tidbits" by Puritan X
voyager.pan  "The Voyager Effect" by Skytoucher

 Articles from the Yule 1987 issue of ".K.A.M. - A Journal of Traditional
 Wicca" (Gardnerianism)

aboutjnl.kam .K.A.M. - The Journal of Traditional Wicca
subscrib.kam How to Subscribe to .K.A.M.
copyrite.kam Copyright notice for the following:
catmagic.kam .K.A.M. reviews _Cat Magic_
listing.kam  Rules for .K.A.M. listing service
nutshell.kam Poem: "Craft in a Nutshell"
smashtex.kam Smash Their Statues Up Tonight!
timetide.kam Poem: "Time and Tide"
tradwicc.kam An Introduction to Traditional Wicca
wandjnl.kam  Care and Feeding of the Wand
yuleinuk.kam Yule in Britain

               Misc. Magazine info

btwnsop.txt  Description of 'The Between the Worlds Network'
guide.txt    A guide to submissions to 'The Bridge' pagan magazine
pt3.doc      Points of Light issue  3
high.doc     Excerpts from Points of light Magazine by the Temple of Ete
intro.doc    Introduction to the Temple of Enternal Light
st001.txt    SheTotem magazine  issue #1