calls        Enochian Calls
calls.chp    Ventura chap file for Enochian.txt
calls.cif    Ventura Chap info file for Enochian.txt
calls.sty    Ventura Style Sheet for Enochian.txt
cromlecs.asc ASCII file of Celtic Enochian Chess
cromlecs.txt XyWrite file of Yeats' Celtic Enochian
c_forces.txt Concourse of the Forces
enoc101.arj  EnocSys, EGA graphics Enochian
enocdic.arj  Enochian Dictionary program by Anthra Andromda
enochian.xrp extracts of Dee's Diaries (SL.3191)
enochnum.txt Enochian Numbers
enochtab.arj Enochian Tablets
enorpsp.pfa  Postscript Enochian Font
en_chess.txt Enochian Chess
e_search.arj Compleate cross reference enochian research. Crowley, Aurum Solis, Golden Dawn, Schueler, Greek, Hebrew.  A must have!
 These are the Enochian Calls.
first.txt    1st Call
second.txt   2
third.txt    3
fourth.txt   4
fifth.txt    5
sixth.txt    6
seventh.txt  7
eighth.txt   8
ninth.txt    9
tenth.txt    10
eleventh.txt 11
twelfth.txt  12
thirteen.txt 13
fourteen.txt 14
fifteent.txt 15
sixteent.txt 16
seventee.txt 17
eighteen.txt 18
nineteen.txt 19th Call, or the Call of the 30 Aethyrs
- -------------------------------------------------------------------
- Modern Enochian Work by Ed Bonyai and Another
rit.1        Enochian Rituals, Part 1
rit.2        Enochian Rituals, Part 2
rit.10a      Enochian Rituals, Part 3
rit.4        Enochian Rituals, Part 4
rit.5        Enochian Rituals, Part 5
rit.6        Enochian Rituals, Part 6
rit.7        Enochian Rituals, Part 7
rit.8        Enochian Rituals, Part 8
rit.9        Enochian Rituals, Part 9
rit.3a       Enochian Rituals, Part 3a
rit.10b      Enochian Rituals, Part 10b
rit.3c       Enochian Rituals, Part 3c
rit.3b       Enochian Rituals, Part 3b
rit.10c      Enochian Rituals, Part 10c
gem.2        Enochian Gematria, Part 2
gem.3        Enochian Gematria, Part 3
gem.4        Enochian Gematria, Part 4
gem.1        Enochian Gematria, Part 1
gem.5        Enochian Gematria, Part 5
gem.6        Enochian Gematria, Part 6
gem.7        Enochian Gematria, Part 7
gem.8        Enochian Gematria, Part 8
gem.9        Enochian Gematria, Part 9
spr.1        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 1
spr.2        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 2
spr.3        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 3
spr.5        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 5
spr.6        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 6
spr.7        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 7
spr.8        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 8
spr.9        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 9
spr.10       Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 10
spr.4        Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 4
spr.3a       Enochian Sepher Sephirot, Part 3a
code.asc     One more solution to II:76
ret.asc      Enochian Ritual, all together
files.dat    Found by Irritated Robot while Cleaning Up
files.dmp    Found by Irritated Robot while Cleaning Up
files.idx    Found by Irritated Robot while Cleaning Up