Various Files on Thelema and Ceremonial Magick
otodefnd.txt OTO vs the Berkely Police lawsuit update
illumin.arj  A history of the Illuminati conspiracy?
ac-gods.txt  Survey of Crowley's "Favorite Gods"
babalon.txt  Alex Mitchell, "The Babalon Working"
bb2q88.txt   Summer '88 _Baphomet Breeze_
crowstry.txt "Raiders of the Lost Basement"
friv.txt     Flying roll #4 on attaining spirit vision
gdawn.stl    St. Louis Golden Dawn Temple information
gdcourse.txt How to Join the Golden Dawn Society
gdindex.txt  Index of the Golden Dawn Course
newaeon.txt  Excerpt from the "New Equinox" vol III
oto-bust.upd Update on OTO-BUST.TXT
otoflow.txt  Flowchart of the history of the OTO
parsons.i    Bio of Jack W. Parsons (part 1 of 4)
parsons.ii   Bio of Jack W. Parsons (part 2 of 4)
parsons.iii  Bio of Jack W. Parsons (part 3 of 4)
parsons.iv   Bio of Jack W. Parsons (part 4 of 4)
sanct.txt    Grimorium Sanctissimum
tarot0.doc   Titles of the Tarot Trumps
tarot1.doc   Attributions of the Tarot Trumps
tarot2.doc   Attributes of the Minor Arcana
tarot3.doc   Brief Meanings of the 22 Trump Cards
thelema.adv  List of materials for sale by the O.T.O.
tuat.txt     Ritual of passing through the Tuat
visual.txt   Visualization Exercises
   Disciples & Other Adherents: AC and Thelema through their eyes:
 Soror Alostrael, Leah Hirsig
scwoman.txt  Diaries of Alostrael when Scarlet Woman
 Parzival, aka Frater Achad, aka Charles Stansfeld Jones
achadlib.arj Achad Library 1.0 - This contains Parzival, Revival, Anatomy, and 31 Hymns in a Hyperyext type format with keyword searching,
anatomy.arj  The Anatomy of the Body of God by Frater Achad.  This archive contains the text and several illustrations in .GIF format.
ach-test.txt Achad's New Aeon Test Questions
inri         by Frater Achad
liber_31     Liber 31 by Frater Achad
31_hymns     31 Hymns to the Star Goddess - Frater Achad
notes_al     Further notes on Liber Legis by Fr. Achad
lib_qna      Liber QNA vel Namen Dei by Frater Achad
horusqbl.txt Horus, Isis, and the Q.B.L. -- Fr:. Parzival
parzival.arj The Chalice of Ecstasy by Frater Achad
 Austin Osman Spare
anathema.arj The Anathema of Zos
cultus.arj   Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus
pleasure     Austin Osman Spare's _Book of Pleasure_
pleasure.arj Same as above, both zip files. Must compare.
 Frater Genesthai, C.F. Russell
znuz.arc     Excerpts from Znuz is Znees
 Frater Belarion, Jack Parsons
l49a.asc     Liber 49 of Jack Parsons, Part A (WordStar)
l49b.asc     Liber 49 of Jack Parsons, Part B (WordStar)
l49.tqt      Collected works of Jack Parsons (squeezed).
parsons.arj  Mike Staley's 4 part bio of Parsons
7fldstar.arj The Star of Babalon
 Soror Andahadna, Maggie X.
penna.arj    Liber Pennae Praenumbra (Soror Nema)
 Frater Faustus, Mordecai Shapiro, An Excellent Dude
qoph.arc     Speculations & Ministrations
 Frater Q.A.A.
thanatos     WordPerfect file on Thanatos
orgymass.asc Mass of the Flesh--orgiastic rite in honor of  sexual ecstacy.  LHP/Sex magic
ocop.asc     The Order of The Children of Prometheus