- ============================
- Archiving and UnArchiving Tools -
- ---------------------------------
  non-dos unarchivers: (needed for most text file downloads)
arcmac.app    arc/unarc for the macintosh
unarc16.com   cp/m 3.0 prg to unarc ms-dos archived text files
pgp10.lzh     pretty good privacy, by phil zimmerman. (pkc)
stuffitc      mac stuffit
compactp      mac compacter pro archiver
unstuffi      unstuffit
  dos archivers/dearchivers:
arj239a.exe   latest arj
arj239d.exe   latest & last pre-release version of arj as of 3/93 from author. fixes bugs in versions a, b and c. best yet.
ice.exe       new archive program
lh113c.exe    lharc 1.13
lha213.exe    lharc (now lha) 2.13! voted editor's choice in pc magazine 10/15
lharc.exe     old version of lharc
narc40.arj    reads arc files,etc.
newzip.arc    new pkzip -- not adopted by all people yet.
pak.doc       docs for above
pak.exe       nogate's pak archiver/extracter
pk361.exe     pkarc/pkxarc version 3.61 (self-extracting)
pkarc.exe     ** no description **
pkpak.exe     pkpak
pksfx.pgm     header for self-extracting archives
pkunpak.exe   pkunpak
pkunzip.exe   ** no description **
pkxarc.exe    ** no description **
pkz110.exe    pkzip/unzip v1.10 (self extracting)
pkz204c.exe   the latest version of pk-zip
pkz204g.exe   phil katzs pkzip latest release fixes all the bugs direct from pkware. the unzip is downward compatible.
pkzip.exe     ** no description **
pkzipfix.exe  ** no description **
pkzm104.exe   new pkzmenu zipfile manager from pkware.
shez89.arj    latest release of the most excellent premier archiving shell
  Virus Scanners/Cleaner-Uppers:
scanv99.arj   latest        scan  (mcaffe)
clean91b.arj  mcafee clean-up 8.5b91 -bugfixed-
scan99.arj    mcafee virus scan
fsp_182.arj   flushot plus v 1.82*
fsp152.arc    flushot plus 1.52
vg.arc        virus gaurd
  Communications Programs:
tlx315_1.arj  telix, part 1
tlx315_2.arj  telix, part 2
tlx315_3.arj  telix, part 3
dsz0729.arj   latest and greatest of zmodem protocols
zmodem70.arj  osiris/isis zmodem protocol
zdoc1024.arj  manual/doc for zmodem.lots of info!
prcm243d.arj  procomm documention
prcm243.arj   procomm 2.4.3: great comm program
pcplustd.arc  procomm plus test drive
callwait.bas  disables call waiting until modem is reset
param         techie talk on parameters of telecommunication
  General Utilities:
list77a2.arj  this is the lastest, improved and best version yet of list. a utility that everyone can use
vprompt1.arj  for tau ursa and all:  modify your dos prompt  to learn new words...  to fill your mind with  suggestions...?
timer.arj     great! set your computer to run differen't programs whenever you turn on the computer at a set #! great if you forget to scan!
txzm214.arj   zmodem protocol driver
krnpack.exe   krunch single-file packer. good compression!
makmovi.arj   draw grfx, then animate them!!
gsz1015.arj   graphical version of dsz protocall.
arj222.arj    latest version of archive that compresses better n pkzip.
shez64.arj    simply the best multi-archive shell available.
ac323.arj     an area code finfer
examples.doc  example text for dsz-bat files
list76b.arj   great file viewing utility for unarchived docs.
ansicv22.arj  a gif to ansi graphic converter
vsumx108.arj  virrii info databse
super.arj     zip utility
egafont.arj   ega fonts of hebrew & greek - very good to have!
pklte113.arj  latest version of exe file compressor.
opr10.arj     ascii text editor. can handle 2 file editing, very nice
multicmd.arj  utility to use multiple commands in dos cmd line
&gaelic.arj   irish lang module for intext word processor
&farsi.arj    farsi(persian or iranian lang.) module for intext.
&urdu.arj     urdu (literary lang of india/pakis.) module for intext
intext12.arj  excellent english/european language word processor
sst_52a.arj   supersonic search tool.  formerly "whereis.arj"
xcalc.arj     very nice calculator pgm.
rvt115.arj    visual directory display. in french too.
m-disk.arj    this program removes bugs(virus remover).
split15.arj   utility to split up large files, easy to use!
sst_53a.arj   very fast file finder...looks inside archives.
fontsum.arj   provides a printed summary of laserjet soft fonts
commo454.arj  very powerful telecommunications program.
todayq4.arj   [4/4]
todayq3.arj   [3/4]
todayq2.arj   more month data for today31.arj [2/4]
todayq1.arj   more month date for today31.arj
today31.arj   tells you what happened on this day in time.
timeset6.arj  set your clock to us naval observatory
amiga.arj     ** no description **
extndos.arj   various files to make dos 2.x-3.3x easier
p520.arj      adopted by caring robot
mouse501.arj  adopted by caring robot
cformat.arc   adopted by caring robot
arj015.arj    adopted by caring robot
dupes.arj     adopted by caring robot
fill30.arc    adopted by caring robot
cclock.arj    adopted by caring robot
list62a.arc   listing file viewer
800k.arc      make regular 360k disk be 800 and use i|!
mal.arj       manhattan address locator by david greenberger
400kdisk.pak  now get 400k from regular 360k disks! good.
tripldos.arj  double dos clone
p4up.arc      p4up.arc will allow a user who has
xword221.arc  word processor file translation
dircom.com    yet another directory mgmt utility pgm
dcats20.arc   disk cataloger
clone.arc     fast copy program
pcopy70.arc   an amazing replacement for dos "copy"
help_me.arc   small voice out of your speaker
lptx.arc      redirect printer output to a file
world.arc     world map
duv86.com     cp/m 3.0 prg of disk utilities
duv86.doc     documentation for cp/m prg of disk utilities
gc.arc        world time
morse1.arc    morse code tutor
chess3d.arc   excellent chess program. 3-d, saved games
litebar.arc   01 sep 87 123 menus for dbase
dbscreen.arc  01 sep 87 windows for dbase
pkscrypt.arc  public key encryption system
ustime.arc    set clock to the us naval observatory's
scrub.exe     unwordstar files with this
pkscrypt.doc  docs for above
no.com        make global exceptions, (like idi amin...)
diskscan.com  hard disk check program (more thorough than
browse.com    file viewing utility with backscroll capability
quickeys.com  speed up your keyboard's repeat-key function.
vtree.com     visual tree of directories and subdirectories.
clock.com     clock display
pc-sweep.exe  dos version of cp/m sweep
diskpark.exe  hard disk parking program (save those sectors!)
ramtest.com   tests ram chips, indicates failing addresses.
timer12h.arj  run files at boot-up, at any boot-up you wan't, and any file. great! includes installation, timer itself & uninstall prog.
dog.exe       hard disk defragment program
biorythm.exe  biorythm calculator for ega
combi110.arj  combined ram disk and disk cache from russia
tset71.arj    timeset 7.1, excellent atomic clock synchroniser!
a2c205.exe    ascii2com file creator
bab200.zip    adopted by condescending angel, possibly arj of zip
cron.arj      adopted by condescending angel, possibly arj of zip
kill0.arj     adopted by condescending angel, possibly arj of zip
pgp21.arj     adopted by condescending angel, possibly arj of zip
vgasvr12.arj  adopted by condescending angel, possibly arj of zip
zipbar.arj adopted by condescending angel, possibly arj of zip